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Reverse chronic illness, because you can

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

When I read this quote, I thought “this is what my nutrition practice is all about”!

Where are we in our path of life and health? Many of us suffering with pain, depression, insomnia, low energy, digestive issues, blood sugar dysregulation, arthritis, heart disease, and on and on, and think we are on a downhill path with our health and don’t have hope that chronic conditions/illnesses can be improved or reversed.

But I don’t believe that and my belief is based in science and evidence, not just personal opinion. Whether we want to believe it or not, our health issues are primarily the result of our diet and lifestyle choices over many years, even the choices our mothers made as they were carrying us in her womb. We can’t change it overnight – there is no magic bullet in natural healing, but we can improve and reverse the symptoms of chronic conditions if we make changes in how we live and what we eat. We CAN change the ending.

I met a gentleman last week who told me his story of health challenges. In his mid 50’s, he ended up in the hospital a new surprise diagnosis of severe congestive heart failure – his heart was functioning at about 15% of normal and he was at risk of dying or becoming a cardiac cripple. He was given a plan which, in part, included the standard prescriptions and a low fat, low salt diet. However, he made a decision to instead change what he was eating and how he was living. Within several months of following his own plan instead of his doctor’s prescriptions for him, his heart was functioning at 90% of normal and has continued to this day. That was 3 years ago. It didn’t happen overnight but that kind of improvement in several months should give us all hope that we too can improve our health.

We need to remember that everything we put in our mouths can either help us or hurt us – it’s either medicine or poison!! As I told one of my teenage clients, every bite is either feeding the army or the enemy!!

What do these changes include?

  1. Drink enough good quality water

  2. Eat a reasonable amount of a wide variety of good quality whole foods which are properly prepared

  3. Exercise- be active

  4. Eliminate toxins from our environment

  5. Eliminate negativity, physical and emotional stress from our lives

  6. Sleep well to allow our bodies to heal

That’s a lot to tackle, and we should take small steps consistently to make the big changes over time. Instead of looking backward and saying what we “should have” done and feeling guilty or hopeless, clear the mind and take one step at a time in the right direction. We can ALL start where we are and make slow, steady progress toward a better end.

Are you ready to change your ENDING? I hope so. If you would like a coach to get you started and guide you along the way, I can help you.


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