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Stomach Ache
Gastrointestinal Healing

Our digestive system is the center of our bodies’ universe.  When it’s unhealthy, our bodies are unhealthy resulting in many potential chronic conditions like IBD, SIBO, Crohn’s, depression and other mental/emotional disorders, autoimmune disorders and more.  Testing the health of the microbiome and the foods to which the body is sensitive is the core of reversing the symptoms of these conditions.

How Does It Work?

You will receive an in-depth nutritional therapy assessment and may elect to do stool and food sensitivity blood testing.  I will analyze your lab results and provide you with an interpretive report along with holistic protocol  designed to eradicate pathogens, heal the gut lining and rebuild the microbiome,  It will consist of using nutrient dense, whole foods, professional grade supplements and lifestyle adjustments you need to have a healthy gut and healthy body.  A healing protocol may take 3-9 months.  If you choose, I will work with you as your guide and coach on your journey. I recommend stool re-testing following a protocol.

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