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Hair Trace Mineral Analysis

My health and energy have always been good; however, some chronic issues had begun to surface – nothing major but nagging. As a nutritional therapist, I had been utilizing healthy foods and supplements which were tested on me either through functional testing or muscle testing by my chiropractor. As part of my HTMA training, I tested myself. It wasn’t until I got my results back, that I realized why I was drawn to becoming an HTMA practitioner. My report revealed some startling results and showed me the roots of my nagging problems. I realized that my innate intelligence had been speaking to me to learn how to heal my body. As a result, I am on a journey with the knowledge and information I need to heal my issues and have healthier longevity. My program consists of good quality, nutrient-dense food, supplements and lifestyle changes to decrease the stress on my body.

What is it?

What is a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis? Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a very accurate screening test that uses hair as a tissue mineral biopsy. This method of testing has been used for at least 100 years to screen for the levels of minerals and toxic metals in a sample of hair. It is a non-invasive, relatively inexpensive method of testing.


Hair mineral analysis is an excellent method for assessing, monitoring and guiding the correction and improvement of one’s body chemistry.

Hair provides a window into the entire inner workings of the body, giving us accurate insights into how to balance one’s health through a nutritional protocol. Hair is an excellent way to see imbalances in metabolic health and bring correction to them before deeper health pathologies set in

Why use this test?

To determine how effectively your body creates energy from the foods you eat

To find out if you have heavy metal exposure

To understand why you are always tired and what you can do to have more energy

To determine if you have thyroid and adrenal gland problems

To understand WHY you suffer from fatigue and chronic health problems and how you can reverse them and return to health.

To determine the effectiveness of your digestion and how Ill you are absorbing and assimilating minerals from the foods you eat.

To customize a diet with the right macro and micro-nutrients for your bio-individual needs

To tailor a supplement protocol to your unique body chemistry, which will activate the bodies self-healing mechanisms so that the body can start to heal itself and reverse chronic conditions.

How Does It Work?

You will choose a package from my website.  When you do, you will be prompted to order your hair test kit. It will be mailed, and you should receive it within 1 week.

I will then send you an email asking you to complete some health forms.  Please complete and return electronically before your consultation appointment.

Collect the sample following the enclosed instructions and mail to the lab in the envelope provided.

When I receive the results from the lab (should be within 2 weeks), I will send you an email asking you to schedule an appointment on my website for your 90-minute consultation.

You will have a consultation appointment in person or online.

What Improvements Can I Expect?

Improved energy and motivation

Less stress

Improved sleep

Decreased pain

Improved cognition and mental clarity

Improved libido

Healthier skin and hair

Fewer autoimmune symptoms



“Energy has been good and sleep much better thanks to
you.  Sole’ water is a daily thing. I find it really helps me sleep.” 


"Within a four-week period, I am feeling clarity of mind, more energetic and sleeping better due to Mary’s recommendations.  She has been treating me with a protocol of a whole food diet and supplements that is really making a difference and a better quality of life!"


“Wow, this is the first morning I’ve drank some sole’ in water and my sluggishness disappeared,
replaced by energy and a clearer mind. Wow!"

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