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About Me

Hi I am Mary Williams!
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Emotional Detox Practitioner

Restorative Wellness Practitioner 
HTMA Practitioner 
Licensed ReStart Instructor
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Masters Degree in Education

I grew up on a small urban farm and was lucky enough to be raised by a mother who was into healthy eating when it wasn’t popular-Adele Davis was her nutrition mentor.  As a child, I ate garden vegetables from soil that I’m sure was organic (but we didn’t even need to know that term) grass fed pork, beef and chicken, pastured eggs, raw milk, cream and homemade butter, bone broth soups and homemade bread.

But, when I left home, I adopted the ways of our culture and spent the next ~40 years indulging in the SAD (standard American diet) replete with margarine, low fat, high sugar processed foods, highly processed oils, feed lot meats full of antibiotics and hormones etc.  You get the picture.

I practiced as a Registered Nurse for 39 year in the hospital environment both as a nurse and a healthcare executive.  I loved my work and might still be there if circumstances had been different.  In 2010, when my husband became debilitated with an autoimmune disease, I quit work to stay home and care for him.  This journey over the next 7 years led me to read and study all I could about ways to help him and focused primarily on nutrition.  To his dismay, he was the subject of many different food experiments and supplements in this attempt.  

During that period, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. We began drinking raw pastured milk, and I started making homemade raw butter and cheeses, fermenting fruit/veggies and teas, soaking grains, nuts and legume, etc.  I slowly converted our home to an organic, non-toxic environment (that mission is not quite finished). 

In the end, I couldn’t do enough to help him heal himself, but I have become convinced that through his illness, I discovered a purpose for the rest of my life.  That purpose is to improve my own health through proper diet and lifestyle and to help anyone who will let me do the same.  I believe passionately that we all can help our bodies to heal if we nourish them well and eliminate toxins from our lives.

I try hard every day to live what I preach.  My attempts are far from ideal but every morning I commit to doing everything I can that day to regain and maintain good health – through food/supplements, exercise, attitude and lifestyle.



In my practice, I help you find the root of health issues in a holistic manner and guide you toward health through eating nutrient dense whole foods and living a non-toxic lifestyle.

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