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Juevos Rancheros

Serves 1


  • 1 Tbsp organic coconut oil, bacon fat, lard

  • 1-3 organic pastured eggs

  • I-2 Ezechiel sprouted corn tortillas

  • Grated raw, pastured cheddar cheese

  • Fermented Cilantro Salsa – see recipe this site

  • Avocado

  • Sea Salt to taste



  1. Heat a 6-inch cast iron skillet and melt fat.

  2. Turn heat to medium

  3. Crack eggs in pan, add a bit of water to help poach

  4. Place tortillas on top of eggs and cover.

  5. This step is a bit tricky. Depending on how well cooked you want your eggs,remove cover when partially cooked.

  6. Add salsa and grated cheese and immediately re-cover (the goal is to get the salsa warm and the cheese melted without allowing the temperature of eitherto exceed 140 degrees, which will kill the probiotics naturally in both foods)

  7. Finish cooking.

  8. Loosen eggs from skillet – hopefully you can get everything out with a stainless spatula to present on the plate.

  9. Slice avocado and garnish.

  10. Salt to taste.

  11. Eat immediately (hard to eat this slowly!)

Note – if you’re not using fermented salsa and raw cheese, you can put all

ingredients in with the eggs and cook together. Put salsa in first, followed by

cheese then tortilla(s).


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