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Healthy Food
Mary Williams
A holistic nutrition professional who understands the power of real food & helps people reconnect to the unique needs and innate wisdom of their body to support lasting wellness. 


“With Mary's expertise, I was able to diminish my brain fog and OCD anxiety tendencies to a minimum.  My clarity of mind and energy level are better than ever through the nutritional therapy that I received.  Also, my chronic constipation is gone and have lost ten NEEDED pounds as a result of her program!"

-Teresa age 52

"Professional, achieves a high ethical care structure with emphasis on each individuals specific needs. Integrity and honesty is displayed at achieving your health needs/goals. Mary is the BEST!!!! She truly cares about your endeavors."

- Petra

"Doing HTMA with Mary was a great decision. She set me up on a protocol, and after sticking with it I have felt a huge difference in my energy, mood, and regularity! She helped me understand my body better and I am super grateful for her guidance, thanks Mary!"

- Laura

“I’ve had trouble all my life with being able to concentrate and being able to shut off my brain.  The doctors said it is ADHD.  Within 3 weeks of working with Mary, it was sooo much better.  Because of changes to the foods I’m eating and pills she started me taking, I am making good grades, made basketball team and can shut my brain off to sleep at night. My pimples are better and I don’t have bad effects after I eat a meal.”

-Kate age 13


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